Voetprint Cooking kookboek
VoetprintCooking Would you like to order an example? That is possible at www.bol.com (Voetprint Cooking). The price of the book €17,95 + shipping costs. Nice if you send me an email (dsoons@planet.nl) with your opinion about the book.
Would you like to know what the impact is of what you are cooking?

Here are energy−saving tips for cooking by choosing your ingredients more consciously. Each recipe is shown with a footprint. The idea for the book was born when I heard on the 8 o´clock news an item about eating meat: “When all Dutch would eat less meat one day a week, the governments´climate goals for households would be met at once.”

In the item was also said that eating cheese is not well for the environment either. Than I was thinking, what will all the Dutch think now? “It is of no use anyways….”. So, that is when I started to investigate all this.

Well, it did not appear to be so simple, like is soy allright or not? What are the pros and cons of Valess? And how do I find the time to explore all this? Luckily, you do not need to, you only have to read this book!!