Ugly Food

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Our view on perfect apples and pears is outdated. 40 million pounds oddly shaped foods are now discarded annually or processed because it does not fit our ideal of beauty. Potatoes in the form of hearts and tomatoes suddenly look like they have been given a face. Those green boomerang is actually a very curvy cucumber. Ugly food © thus.

Studio Job has conceived the idea to give Ugly Food © a second chance.
They think it is not ethical to throw barrels per day in 2nd or 3rd kind of fruit and vegetables away because they “accidentally” is not accepted. Why must everything look perfect when the same tastes as good ?? They may be 100% ugly but tasty 200%. Half of the world still suffer from hunger, in this manner waste becomes food again.

Ugly Food is looking for growers and growers in the Netherlands to support this project and would like to kindly ask you this message as widely as possible. More info >>

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