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Such a beautiful thing I discovered; Wine with CO2 on the label! Since 2009 winehouse Pasini is working on lowering the carbon emissions of its wines. In 2009 they started printing the carbon-footprint on the wine-label. (available at Cavatappi)

I was able to taste the delicious Cap del Priu D.O.C. 2009 (red) and also this wine has the carbon footprint printed on the label; 0,468 KgCO2. Just like the Lugana D.O.C. 2010 (white); 0,288 KgCO2.  Now you will think perhaps, is this a lot or not? Figures of Blonk Consultants indicate for white as well as for red wine an average of 0,94  KgCO2 per liter, converted to a bottle of 750 ml that means 0,7 KgCO2. So the Pasini wines score considerable lower.cavatappi3

How did the Pasini’s achieve this?:

  • Full green covering of rows and onsite shredding of branches
  • Use of exclusively organic fertilisers
  • Energy production via solar panels at full capacity
  • Use of new lighter bottles for the méthode champenoise
  • Progressive use of lighter bottles for still wines
  • Use of recycled cardboard with no added colouring
  • Elimination of redundant wrapping, so as not to waste energy and raw materials when not required
  • Commitment to make use of suppliers as close as possible to the winery, both in terms of both philosophy and physical distance.


Paolo Pasini, Pasini Azienda Agricola San Giovanni

Ita.Ca.® – Italian Wine Carbon Calculator

Pasini uses the Ita.Ca.®-software, it is the first CO2-softwaretool specific for the wine-industry.  It is the result of a joint project of Studio Agronomisch Sata and WFA (Winemakers ‘Federation of Australia). They have worked on improvement and adaption of the International Wine Carbon Calculator (IWCC) * specific for de Italian wineproduction. The calculation has been performed under scientific supervision of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Milan.

cavatappi4The caclulator counts with special software all greenhouse gas emissions related to the different production phases. Such as the energy use for the production itself, heating or cooling, transport etc. for each step in the chain.

ISO 14064-certification

Ita.Ca. NORMA ® is compatibel with ISO 14064, an international standard with regard to the control and verification of the calculations and statements regarding greenhouse gas emissions.

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