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Yes!! The English version of http://www.voetprintcooking.nl/en/ is live! 

Voetprint Cooking®
Would you like to know what the impact is of what you are cooking? Here are energy−saving tips by choosing your ingredients more consciously. Count the footprint per recipe. Enjoy 100 sustainable recipes.

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Tips for a dish on a CO2-diet:
Choose seasonal food, buy less greenhouse products (OK, if energy saving measures were taken), use your garden, go to the producer, groceries as little as possible by car, fair trade, bulk, not too much processed, potatoes instead of rice, use your oven less.
Read more about organic, foodmiles, vegetarian diet, meat substitutes, soy and the CO2 measurement staff.
And did you know that chicken has the lowest in carbon footprint of all meat? It even equals some meat substitutes.

Have fun while VoetprintCooking!

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